Most Affordable Load Testing Tool

Test your application’s performance on your own AWS, Azure, Google cloud account. Unlimited tests and unlimited infrastructure.

How It Works

You can authorise us to create Virtual Machines on demand on your cloud account. Then all you have to do is upload your JMeter test script configure number of nodes and simply press execute button. We will create VMs setup for you and run your test on the cloud for you.

1. Authorize

Sign in to your cloud account and authorize your account

2. Upload

Upload your JMeter test scripts and configure test matrix

3. Test

Run test in a distributed environment in your own cloud account

What We Offer

A convenient and a cost effective way for you to run your performance test on the cloud. By providing support for main 3 cloud providers we help you to stay cloud agnostic. 

Real Time Reports

Run JMeter tests on the cloud and view real time rich reports.

Complete Control

Use your own google cloud account to run your tests.

No Restrictions

No restrictions on number of test or engins, run as many tests as you want.

Highly Secure

We have built the system from ground to up with security in mind.


If you are a developer/tester and need to execute adhoc performance tests you can use Kandula for free with unlimited tests and nodes. If you are an organisation who needs enterprise features  you can subscribe to our pro version for just 99$




Unlimited Tests
Unlimited Nodes
Live Reports & Logs
Data stored for 7 days






/per month

Unlimited Tests
Unlimited Nodes
Live Reports & Logs
Data stored forever
Multiuser Workspace
Compare Tests
CI/CD Integration
3rd party Integrations
Email Notifications

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